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Watercress Financial has decades of combined knowledge and experience within the home improvement industry. We’re 100% focused on home improvement. Garage Door Freedom / HSF and Watercress Financial have the same vision – offering you the best overall solutions and programs to make your business as successful as possible.


Watercress provides a world-class technology platform that is easy and intuitive to use when offering finance options to your customers. The quick and high-tech application process lets you see credit decisions in seconds. You can apply, sign, review and set up payments, request funding, all in the palm of your hand. Our calculator tool lets you quickly show various levels of products (such as good, better, and best) and how it impacts their monthly payment options by seeing them side by side with your customer—letting them see how affordable it can be to get the product they really want.


With Watercress’ extensive range of competitive consumer-friendly products and diving deeper into the FICO range than most of our competitors, you’ll see more approvals. Data consistently shows that leads and closing ratios, and average sales all increase when financing is offered. All of this means more closed deals for your business.


We offer standard installment loans, 0% contractor fee options, and even single and two-stage funding options.


Not only does Watercress offer the best innovation, but we provide white-glove service to all our contractors and their customers. We feel it’s essential to get the support and answers you need when you need them. Our friendly contractor support, account management team, and customer support are available LIVE by phone or email and have extended hours to serve you better.


Our team has helped countless homeowners improve their homes by providing them with the financial resources necessary to do things right the first time. Homeowners can pay off anytime, be given fair and responsible rates, and no gimmicks or hidden fees.


Something else that contractors find helpful is our bi-lingual capabilities. From the application process to customer service, we offer Spanish to your customers who request it. Nosotros podemos ayudarle en español.


Are you interested in the next step to becoming a Watercress contractor partner? Once you fill out a contractor application and sign a program agreement, we have a training department that has trainers available LIVE to get you started, as well as self-paced support videos and articles you can explore that will help you make the most out of the finance you offer to your customers.



Once you’ve gone through the onboarding process, you’ll receive system credentials for our Credit Hub and Watercress Academy and can begin offering Watercress products. The Credit Hub will enhance your sales process. Access via smartphone, tablet, or desktop and manage applications at a touch of a button—project tracking capabilities, helpful calculators, iOS or Android available, and no app to download. Simply establish a favorite/shortcut to the application on your preferred device(s). And we’re here every step of the way if you should need it.


The Watercress Academy is where you can dive into helpful articles such as submitting a customer credit application, credit app decisioning, signature methods, working with an approved applicant, document submission, eligible projects, and differences in single or two-stage funding.


Watercress Financials’ mission is to help you grow your business by ensuring your customers have an affordable way to pay for their home improvement projects and helping homeowners make smart decisions. Together with Garage Door Freedom/HSF, we are providing a win/win for everyone involved.


Partner with a finance company that understands your business and will support you and your team. Partner with a finance company that offers a wide range of payment and financing products to help you grow your business. Partner with Watercress Financial.

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