General FAQ's

Vertical Track registration can be found at www.verticaltrack.com.  or Click On the EVENTS tab at the top of this page

A: We are confident that Garage Door Freedom can deliver value and a return on investment for companies of all sizes; from those who are just getting started in the industry to some of the largest providers with years of history. We believe that the systems, processes and business coaching will grow any business while increasing profitability. Our mission is to give garage door company owners the freedom to do what they want with their business.

A: There is an opportunity for much more personal attention to be given to early adopters, versus when there are 2000-3000 members like other HVAC best practices group. You will also have an opportunity to influence and shape the direction of the group, including which best practice areas we focus on.

A: GDF does an initial business assessment for all members and will provide feedback based on your goals and current position. In addition, GDF offers three (3) 60-minute sessions per quarter on the topic of your choice with our coaching staff. We monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) against the group benchmark to advise members when their KPIs fall below norms.

Additionally, we continue to partner with vendors that provide services relevant to our members, including advanced training in sales, systems and process.

A: We request information from members for the purposes of verifying rebates with Vendor partners, issuing rebates to members and collecting KPI data to assist members with benchmarking and improving your business.  Vendor related data is shared only with GDF staff and the specific associated vendor. It is not shared with other members or unrelated vendors.  KPI data is shared only with GDF staff and members in aggregate for the purposes of benchmarking. Your specific KPI’s will not be shared with other members.

A: Standard KPI structures and reporting requirements are provided within the member agreement. GDF staff will be available to help support the membership in regards to KPIs. The goal is to ensure the we collect the data required to help all member grow and improve, as well as benchmark their current positions.

A: GDF does not currently offer outsourced call center services.

A: GDF does not currently offer a routine technician training program. However, special classes or events may be offered from time-to-time.

Membership FAQ's

A: It is a one-time initiation fee, and does not recur in subsequent years, as long as the member has a continuously active membership

A: No, there is no early termination fee. Members must provide a written 90-day notice of termination and are obligated to continue the weekly fees during that period. Initial membership fees are non-refundable.

A: Pre-payments can be accommodated on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our staff to assist you.

A: Like any business, even yours, we can’t promise that we will NEVER raise our fees. However, we want to make sure that members get a tremendous value from their participation, and our goal is not to change membership fees for the foreseeable future

A: Members may operate from a single location or multiple locations. If a company uses a single instance of an ERP system to manage multiple locations, then only a single membership is required. (For instance, multiple locations managed within one Service Titan account.) Multiple locations operating under one entity must be listed on the membership form. If a company operates more than one business under separate ERP systems or instances, then a separate membership is required for each location. (For example, multiple locations each operating with their own specific Service Titan account.)

A: If a member is operating with a single ERP instance managing multiple locations, and a location is added, deleted or consolidated, the member is required to submit a revised Appendix B form for Company Approval. This is a requirement for the purposes of properly calculating and remitting rebates. If a member adds an additional location operating under another legal entity, or a unique ERP instance separate from the members original, then that location will be required to join as a new member.

Buyers Group FAQ's

A: We are actively pursuing numerous vendor partnerships and are in the process of formally signing agreements. Detailed vendor specific information will be available in the members only area.

A: Implementing the best practices and growth strategies shared through the group will drive tremendous value for your business regardless of vendor rebates. Depending on the vendors that you choose to engage with; rebates may cover a portion, if not all of your investment

A: Members will continue to purchase directly from participating vendors, through their currently established process. Purchasing does not come through GDF or even under the GDF name.

A: Generally speaking, any relationship the member has with the vendor will still be intact and all pricing with the vendor is directly negotiated with the member (not with GDF). In some specific cases, vendors may have specific offerings for GDF members, in which case the offering will be detailed for that vendor within the membership area.

A: This varies on a case-by-case bases, as it depends on the frequency and volume of purchases, and the vendors that you engage with. New members will get the most value from the best practices, coaching and relationships developed from the membership; with the buyers group providing a nice additional benefit of membership

A: Members buy products or services from participating vendors and report their purchases on a quarterly basis. GDF reconciles payments made by vendors with the purchases reported by members and issues rebates to members on a quarterly basis

Service Titan FAQ's

A:There are many considerations beyond your current volume. Having efficient systems and processes in place will provide a platform for manageable growth for companies at any level. It is our experience that is better to implement scalable systems early, as opposed to trying to launch new technology during periods of growth. Our Service Titan consultants are available to review your business and make recommendations tailored to your specific situation.

A: Garage industry specific Service Titan training and coaching is available to all members, regardless of their current relationship with Service Titan. If your account is governed by an existing agreement, options are available for additional seats, as well as renewals

A: Other companies will not have access to any other GDF member’s Service Titan Account. At your discretion, you may choose to make a login for a member of the Garage Door Freedom staff for the purposes of assisting with your account during coaching and training sessions; however this is not required. All actions within Service Titan are tracked with an audit trail that can offer assurances on the actions a GDF team member would take. In addition, we would always ask permission with a very clear explanation of what actions our team member would take, prior to logging into any members account. Garage Door Freedom team members maintain high standards of confidentiality and professionalism when you choose to provide them access to your account.

A: We are aware of Service Titan customers in Canada. As a cloud based software, other locations are feasible, provided there is availability in the local language.

A: At the current time, we are not supporting any other Field Service Management solutions.

A: Yes, we have developed a Garage Door Freedom specific price book template. It should give you a massive jump start on developing your own customized price book. Simply remove the products you don’t sell and input your sales prices and general ledger accounts for the remainder. You’ll instantly benefit from our years of experience with the Service Titan price book. We can also provide assistance with additional features like forms, payroll and inventory.

A: GDF will provide coaching on the integrations available to Service Titan through Amarr and Clopay. GDF will also provide generic price-books that a member can use for other manufacturers. Currently, there are robust price-books available for Wayne Dalton and CHI. Other manufacturers will continue to be added over time, as it is a very time consuming.