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HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical and other Home Service Business experience three major transformation when they join Power Selling Pros – they fill their board with more appointments, they WOW their customers and they generate more revenue.
We coach your CSRs one-on-one, twice a month, over the phone using our structured coaching sessions and their recorded calls. That accountability, combined with coaching notes (sent to you after every session) monthly progress calls to align our coaching strategy with your goals, and a team of monitors listening to your CSRs’ calls to find growth opportunities, guarantees your team will grow to the next level.


This isn’t a circus. Power Selling Pros doesn’t just roll into town one morning, put on a show and then high-tail it out of there. Our philosophy is that training is useless without accountability. After we coach, after we train, after we inspire your team to champion the sales and customer service experience, we have a call monitoring team that listens to your people’s calls, plays it back for them and continues the coaching long after the final whistle is blown. We do this, again and again, making it impossible for your CSRs and Technicians to not improve.

Member Benefits

Special GDF Member Pricing:

CSR Coaching $299, 5% rebate
2 Hour CSR Course $1,150, 7.5% rebate
4 Hour CSR Course $3,950, 7.5% rebate
8 Hour CSR Course $7,500, 7.5% rebate

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