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About Mail Shark

Mail Shark helps businesses acquire and retain more customers using their strategic weekly direct mail marketing strategy in conjunction with the widest variety of both paper and plastic direct mail marketing products to get your business the best response rate and maximize your ROI. We truly make doing business easy by providing a one-stop-shop designing, printing, and mailing your direct mail marketing campaigns, so you can focus on running your business.

Weekly Direct Mail

Unlike most direct mail marketing companies that will force you to send out and pay for your marketing all at one time, Mail Shark’s Weekly Direct Mail strategy gives you the flexibility to customize the exact mailing and payment schedule that aligns perfectly with your business’s goals and budget.


There is No Money Up Front. Whether you are targeting new customers, current customers, or both, we take your total quantity of direct mail pieces and spread your mailing/s and the cost of the mailing/s out evenly over the number weeks that you choose to mail.


Annual Mailing Program

If your businesses is looking for more than a one-time marketing campaign, our Annual Program delivers affordable and consistent direct mail marketing every week of the year or the weekly schedule you choose.


This is accomplished by putting your marketing on a calendar and pre-planning multiple different direct mail campaigns throughout the entire year.


We then execute each mailing using our weekly mailing strategy, sending out each direct mail campaign on a weekly basis, allowing you to pay for your mailings on a weekly basis instead of all at once.


This strategic planning creates accountability, increases response rates, and ensures your marketing stays on budget and on track no matter how busy you get running your business.



No matter what type of print or direct mail marketing campaign you are looking to execute, new customer acquisition or customer retention we offer the widest variety of over 16 of the most effective Paper and Plastic products to deliver your message, differentiate your business from the competition and catch your prospect’s attention.


We also include a custom design with unlimited revisions on every order.

Member Benefits

Special pricing and a 2.25% rebate. Reach out to Mail Shark for the rate card.

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