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Garage Door Freedom

ServiceTitan Support

Garage Door Freedom & ServiceTitan

The Garage Door Freedom Group has partnered with ServiceTitan to allow you to deliver unparalleled insights into your garage door business and get you on that Vertical Track.

What Does ServiceTitan Discounts and Support look like?

Standard Rack Rates

Managed Tech Standard Rate for Works Package


Garage Door Freedom Rate

Managed Tech (%50 Discount/Managed tech!!!)*


Additional Benefits of Signing up under the Garage Door Freedom Group:

Preferred setup to base garage door platform by the Garage Door Freedom Group

Dedicated ServiceTitan Customer Success Manager who knows the garage door industry

NO NEED to recreate setup for a new CRM.

The Garage Door Freedom Group handles:

*If your company is already on ServiceTitan on an active contract, you current rate will apply for your current # of Managed Techs, but the $199 rate would be eligible on all increased technician growth. Client specific contract details will be discussed with ServiceTitan upon joining the Garage Door Freedom Network.

**Most existing CRMs will be eligible for implementation fee waivers however some that require more extensive work from ServiceTitan will require the implementation fee. The fee and proposal will be discussed during sign up discussions with ServiceTitan.